Renovations + Additions

Do you love where you live, but need more space in your home?

Perhaps your existing residence is simply in need of an update inside and out? Or maybe your home is cold in winter and hot in summer, so that you are always turning the aircon on.

A renovation or addition may be the answer to your current home issues.

At Green Construct, we undertake renovation and addition projects with care and consideration for clients across South West WA.

We’re dedicated to enhancing the character and charm of your existing home, while using our expertise and specialist knowledge to integrate innovative and modern features. Whether you’re looking for additional bedrooms, a functional outdoor living area or an open-plan design, we can work with you to create a timeless design and bring this to life with ease.

All of our renovation and addition projects achieve a sense of harmony between old and new to ensure our clients can enjoy a seamless connection between spaces. Our goal is that your friends and family have to ask where the renovation started and stopped, because they can’t tell.

Should you be looking to renovate or extend your home in a sustainable way, we also offer a solar passive home makeover service. This allows us to both achieve your dream design, while ensuring your space is as energy efficient as possible.

Learn more about our Solar Passive Home Makeovers here.

Explore our portfolio of completed renovations and additions on our Projects page.