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What is a solar passive house?

A solar passive house is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly design method, which means your home will be built to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. This is done via careful application of certain design principles that boost a home’s thermal performance, resulting in a space that collects and retains heat during the cooler months, but prevents infrared radiation entering and allows hot air to escape during summer.

For a solar passive house to be effective, we need large north facing windows including passive shading of glass and climate-appropriate glazing, insulation, draught dealing, thermal mass and a smart floor plan to encourage airflow.

What should be the first step we take to build our dream home?
If you’re new to building, we understand that the process can be overwhelming, so we have simplified it written a guide which explains the process and created an easy-to-follow construction timeline. We take pride in guiding our clients through every step – from conception all the way to completion.

We recommend engaging with your builder first. At Green Construct, we sit down with our clients and discuss their project and budget. We’ll listen to your needs and then brainstorm ideas and look at inspirational photos so we can create a design that suits your needs, wants, deadlines and budget. If you want to work with an architect, we can also collaborate with them to create a stunning design that fulfills your brief.

Once you’re happy with the plans, we’ll get contracts ready and apply for your building approval.

How long does a home take to build?
There is no one size fits all for a project – it’s wholly dependent on the scope of work needed and type of project being built (for instance, is it commercial or residential, a brand-new home or renovation?) However, nine months to a year is a reasonable ballpark figure.
What permits are needed to begin the building process?
You’ll likely need town planning, demolition and building permits for your construction project. These are easily obtained when working with a knowledgeable and trustworthy builder who can explain and guide you through the process. At Green Construct, we assist our clients through the process, by organising all necessary documentation and lodging it with your Council.
What contracts are required for building?
If it’s a residential home, we will fill out a standard HIA Building Contract, which will be supplied by the team at Green Construct, explain it and guide you through the legal stage.
At what stage do we need to supply a deposit for our build?
Once the contract is signed, we will take out a Housing Indemnity Insurance policy on your behalf, at this time your initial deposit for construction will be due for payment. This allows us to complete all the pre-construction compliance, set up your site and get started on building. From here payments are on trigger points, for ease of understanding where we are up to at any time.
What could cause delays in the completion of my home?

The most common reason for delays during the construction phase is last minute changes or variations. While we are generally happy to make changes, you must understand that this will cause interruptions to your timeline. We suggest spending time during the design phase to ensure that you’re completely happy and satisfied with every element of the home, so you can make any changes earlier with ease, or have them eliminated before we start construction. We want you to trust your own judgement.

Another cause for delay could be extreme weather such as storms or heavy rainfall.

Can I make changes to my home during the building stage?

Yes, you can make changes, and this will result in a variation being created. A variation will impact both your budget and timeline. We will work hard to help you minimise both of these issues.

How can I stay informed and updated on the process of my build?

At Green Construct, we organise frequent on-site visits for our clients. We also provide access to our state-of-the-art client portal which allows clients to see progress photos and videos of their dream home. We also ensure that our site managers are available to chat with our clients about any update or challenges.

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