Granny Flat, Geographe Bay

Custom Homes

The owner of this home had worked with two different designers by the we were engaged, but still hadn’t achieved her goals. We joined the project, alongside their third to produce an award-winning specialised granny flat. The home was constructed for the client’s aunt and needed to be safe and functional for an elderly resident to live comfortably in. We added a number of special features to this home including radiant heating to the bathroom and laundry ceilings, which warms the rest of the home, while keeping wet areas dry and mould free. To encourage accessibility, there are no steps throughout the house, making access easy and safe. Raked ceilings and highlight windows provide plenty of natural light and warmth. The home is clad with Axon sheeting, a James Hardie product that is easily cleaned and very durable, while providing a minimalist look.